Photo credit Nicole Lockhart / Awake Dreaming Photography

My passion began in high school. I was always interested in the visual arts, so my art teacher suggested that I branch out into photography. Photography was a lot different from drawing and painting, but I learned that I liked that art form as well. In my first year as a photography student, I won a local contest. My submission was a black and white photo of my then 10-year-old nephew putting together a train set. I knew then that photography was something that I would pursue.


Using photography to connect us and pique my own creative outlet, I have encountered so many amazing individuals! I photograph everything, and I take great pleasure in it. So please allow me to take my love of taking pictures a step further, and help you achieve your photographic goals! With a keen eye for detail and the dedication for capturing life's most precious moments, I will work closely with you to realize your vision and ensure that your photo shoot is a success. I have the knowledge, creativity, and ability to make your photographic event absolutely outstanding!  Contact me today and let's work together in capturing all of your special memories. 


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Ayana T. Miller